Chimney Systems

Forden’s provides products from the leaders in the HVAC industry. We offer a wide variety of grates and venting solutions. Our knowledgeable fireplace experts can educate you of the safest and most effective methods for venting your fireplace. They are up to date on all building and emission codes for San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast.

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Chimney:dp_family vertical passage extending above the roof of a building that conducts smoke or fumes escaping from a fire or furnace. May be made of brick, concrete, metal or ceramic.

Chimney Cap: protective cover located at the top of a chimney.

Damper: adjustable plate inserted in a flue for controlling the draft of a fire.

Firebox: the area in a stove or fireplace where fire burns.

Flue: the channel inside the chimney through which the smoke exits.

Hearth: stone or rick floor of a fireplace, usually extending into the room.

Smoke Chamber: area directly above the throat and smoke shelf of a fireplace.

Smoke Shelf: horizontal plane in a fireplace located behind the damper. Serves as the floor of the smoke chamber.

Spark Arrestor: screen cap at the top of a chimney that prevents burning embers from escaping.

Stack: chimney of vertical smoke handling system

Stovepipe: pipe used to conduct smoke from a stove to the chimney flue

Surface Thermometer: thermometer placed on a stovepipe or stove that gives control information for coal/wood-burning systems.