Gas Logs

Forden’s can transform your existing wood burning fireplace into a convenient gas burning unit with one of our beautiful gas log styles. Choose from a realistic driftwood or firewood log sets or try one of our new contemporary burners with sparkling glass or spa stones. Colorful glass crystals or glowing fiberglass embers bring even more life to an outdated and forgotten fireplace.

Sizing Gas Logs

It is important that the gas log set is properly sized to fit the fireplace. Improper sizing may negatively impact the proper drafting of the fireplace. Additionally, too large a log will adversely affect the burn and hamper the proper operation of the control system. Too small a set will diminish the beauty of the hearth setting. Measure the fireplace using the dimensions illustrated (Figure 1). A minimum of 2 inches of space must be maintained between the side walls of the fireplace and the burner system equipment

For improved aesthetics, the gas logs and the burner pan should be centered in the fireplace this may result in the control system on the burners extending further to one side. Be sure to allow for space to accommodate the control system (Figure 2).

Source: R.H. Peterson Co.